Water Storage

“And Many Will Die for Want of Water” by Nutnfancy [Water Storage], This video is about the water storage you do not have. In 200 households interviewed in preparation for this TNP video, less than 5% have a adequate water supply in storage. Adequate means to me at least a 30 day supply for everyone under your roof. It is a frequently missed preparedness commodity, critical to your family’s survival. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, loss of electrical service, flooding, and war have destroyed previously reliable and safe to drink water supplies in our history. You need to store some, probably lots, independent external sources or filtering for your needs. With this in mind, the philosophy of this need is addressed in the foundation of this original Nutnfancy WROL video. Based on years of it working for our family, I then share how we approach water storage preparation. Additives, containers, filtration integration, water quality, quantities needed, and sourcing are all discussed and shown. I drink 7 year old water on camera to prove the point of our storage effectiveness. Please watch and heed the advice given as it may save your life one day.///////////////////////////////////////////Addtiives of stabilized oxygen are as follows [from www.liquid-stabilized-oxygen.com]: ¼ teaspoon (around 25 drops) per gallon of stored drinking water., 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons,1 ½ teaspoons per 7 gallons, 2 ½ teaspoons per 15 gallons of stored drinking water.////////////////////////////Other web resources: http://www.industrialcontainer.com, www.emergencyessentials.com, www.honeyvillefoods.com, www.survivalsolutions.com, also Industrial Container at 1845 S 5200 W Salt Lake City, UT 84104 (801) 972-1561 has excellent prices on bulk water containers.
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