CNC Metal Bending Sydney

SAMIN Sheet Metal CNC Press Brake,
CNC press brakes or CNC Metal benders are essentially machines designed to bend sheet metal and sheet metal components to various profiles and designs.

Here at Samin Sheet Metal we operate the most up to date multi axis press brakes which include, Amada, Komatsu and LVD brand of machines. The technology in these types of multi axis press brakes allow our operators to preform complex bending operations in one simple pass.

This equipment ultimately
– saves our operators time..
– increases our speed and efficiency..
– which translates to consistently accurate, high quality outcomes..
– as lower overall production costs for our customers.

Our press brakes are shown completing a series of bending operations on a complex component. As the operator moves down the beam a number of different bends are completed in a single step. Less sophisticated press brakes handle only one bending task at a time, requiring tooling to be changed for each bending operation.

Before commencing the job, the operator checks the sequence of bends, bend angles to complete the finish profile or component. All this information is taken from a 3D model that was originally designed in Solidworks for the customer.
The bending software identifies the correct tooling required, and displays the layout and position of this tooling on the machine for the operator to set up. This minimises the chances of human error and ensures consistency and accuracy every time.

Each press brake at Samin Sheet Metal holds an extensive range of tooling ready for the simplest to the most complex component applications.
As a result the saving in time is passed onto our customers.

Samin Sheet Metal have been investing in and upgrading our press brakes constantly to ensure our customers benefit from..

– fast turnaround times,
– high levels of accuracy and consistency with finished product
– as well as excellent value for money.

The multi axis press brakes are just ONE of the important steps in the process that assists Samin Sheet Metal with manufacturing and assembling a wide variety of products made from many different materials.

Samin — excellence in metal components..

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