Sheet Metal CNC Bending Folding Punching Manufacture

Sheet Metal Components Manufacturing and its Processes
Metal is one of the most commonly used materials on the planet and with so many functions and features, it is ideal for a great range of requirements. Sheet metal in particular is a very versatile material and it can be used for residential, domestic and professional property construction alike. Sheet metal products are just as affordable as alternative materials, and as metal is much longer lasting than wood or plastic – it can make a great solution to a variety of construction requirements.
With so many things that can be done with sheet metal, it’s a great option to have a professional component manufacturing service take care of the hard work for you – like those at Where solid metal may be a little more challenging to modify once set, the options for sheet metal are almost endless. Brands like Trafalgar Manufacturing make it easy to modify metal by offering a variety of components to help with modifications.
One particular process of modification is known as CNC metal bending and it involves the use of a punch and die to bend or ‘reshape’ the metal into the required angle. In order for the metal to possess a consistent angle throughout – and to avoid snapping – it’s important to utilise tools and equipment that can precisely bend the metal.
Alternatively, CNC metal folding is a method that allows the sheet of metal to be ‘folded’ into a secondary layer or into a particular angle. Unlike metal bending that will usually reshape the sheet to a certain angle; folding allows a variety of angles to be introduced, making it particularly useful for vehicle exteriors and frames.
Bending and folding are just two things that can be performed on sheet metal and it’s not uncommon for a particular constructions to need specific shapes and sizes. When these requirements arise, there are two main options afforded by sheet metal components manufacturing suppliers.
The first relates to metal forging and it involves differing pieces of metal being heat treated, before being bonded to one another. The second technique involves cutting, typically with a sheet metal guillotine – and this is how manufacturers like Trafalgar Manufacturing are able to create a variety of different pieces of metal to comprise the whole; all of which can be tailored to suit particular requirements.
Using Component Manufacturers to Your Advantage
Metal components are vital in this day and age and whether a business is hoping to manufacture a brand new product for market, or if a more personal project is required – making sure that the metal is consistent, durable and well-suited to its needs is important. A sheet metal component manufacturer will be able to modify a variety of sheet thicknesses in a multitude of ways, and this makes achieving the right shape and size simple to obtain.

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