Trenchless Drainage

Sydney plumbing suppliers: offer trenchless drain repair to your customers and increase your revenue without spending a cent

We’re now offering trenchless drain repair services on a sub-contractor basis to selected plumbers in the Sydney region.

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Sometimes it’s just not practical to dig up and replace damaged pipes. Because they’re under a concrete slab. Or there’s a swimming pool or home in the way. Or the customer doesn’t want to dig up their beloved garden.

That’s no longer a problem. Because now you can give your customers the option to repair drains using trenchless technology.

You simply sub-contract the drain repair to us. We repair the drain – quickly, cleanly and professionally.

It’s win-win! The customer avoids messy excavation and restoration work, and you make extra money without having to do much work.

  • Competitive advantage

    Offering trenchless drain repair gives you an advantage over plumbers whose only option is to dig up customers’ gardens and property.

  • Patching to repair drains is fast and economical

    We can repair smaller or localised drain issues with a patch or sectional drain repair, again without digging.

  • No capital investment

    You can offer trenchless drain repair immediately without having to buy any equipment or do any training.

  • No commitment

    Just use us on jobs where excavation is impractical or the restoration work is too expensive.

  • Proven drain repair technology

    Pipe sizes from 100mm to 300mm can be repaired. Types of pipes that can be repaired include: earthenware, copper, asbestos, cast iron to name a few. Our technology can handle multiple bends, changes in pipe diameter, horizontal, vertical and concealed pipes and junctions.You’ll gain an excellent competitive advantage, make some extra revenue, and have more time for jobs that need your expertise.

Inter-Drain GP-Series V plow | laying trenchless field drainage | Van Damme Drainage, Inter-Drain GP-Series trenchless drainage V plough working in Holland installing perforated pipe field drainage in wheat stubble. The machine is equipped white a 500 Hp MTU engine and uses a Raven/SBG GPS system for steering and to maintain precise depth and grade.

Sleufloos draineren met een Inter-Drain GP-Serie V-ploeg van Van Damme drainage uit Dordrecht.

Drainage mit Inter-Drain GP-Series V-Pflug Drainagepflug in den Niederlande.

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