Security Access Hatches Panels For Shop Fitouts

The Different Types of Fire Rated Access Panels For Shop Fitouts

Maintaining consistent access to a port, room, or vent is a priority within most industrial premises, and keeping these points safe and secure at all times can be a priority. With the risk of fire being an ever present consideration within even the smallest facilities; the need to protect against the element has led many people to install fire rated access panels. As their name may suggest, these types of panels are ideal when it comes to protecting a particular location from excessive sources of heat and fire.
Premises aren’t restricted to one or two types of access panel either – in fact there is such a substantial variety that most locations could feature at least one. Here’s a look at a few specific types of fire rated security points and their benefits when fitting out shops and factories.

Ceiling Panels

Ideal for lofts, vent systems and entry points in general – ceiling panels can be installed within a variety of materials, but are most effective when fitted into brick or cement. Featuring a sturdy construction that can withstand even the most extreme of temperatures – this type of access panel can help to protect valuable objects from fire damage, whilst providing a more than sufficient level of access whenever necessary.

Wall Panels

Functioning in much the same way as ceiling panels; wall panels can be fitted to any solid and flat surface. They afford many of the same features as ceiling panels; albeit on a more accessible level. They make ideal outer protection points for safes, valuable items and internal cabling – and they are also able to withstand incredible temperatures without showing any signs of damage.

Service Shaft Access Panels

Where ceiling and wall panels can be a little restrictive as far as size and space goes; service shaft access panels do exactly what they say on the tin. They can be manufactured to suit any size requirement – from as small as a fist, all the way to the size of a grown man. When installed, the heatproof materials used will protect against some of the hottest temperatures imaginable. Unlike wall and ceiling panels; access ports can be opened without the need for a lock, making them viable replacements for doors that lead to electronic facilities, or doorways in general.

Screw Fixed Access Panels

When a permanent solution is preferred, then screw fixed access panels are definitely worth considering as they function much like security doors. Unlike the above types of access points, the utilisation of screws during fitting means that the panel will remain firmly in place; only providing access if unscrewed entirely. These permanent solutions are ideal when protecting valuable components and cables – but they are just as well suited for general fireproofing too, should the need arise. They can be cut and shaped to any size, and can even be installed within any pre-existing access point for an added level of fire protection.

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