Fire Safety Cabinets

Venticap 502 – Filtration Box for Flammable Safety Cabinets, VENTICAP 502 Video

The benefits to use our Venticap filtration box in your Laboratory.

First, a VENTICAP 502 is easy to install. It fits to most of the flammable storage cabinets available on the market. Then you just have to:
 Connect the connection piping between the exhaust vent of the cabinet and the Venticap outlet.
 Unplug the inlet vent at the bottom of the cabinet to provide an even air flow through the cabinet.
 Install the filter
 Plug in the power cable to an electrical socket and switch on fan.

The Venticap is now ready to perform the filtration of the harmful chemicals!

Second, it offers a very high level of safety:
Developed by Erlab, the world specialist in the filtration of chemicals for the protection of lab personnel since 1968, the VENTICAP 502 offers a full protection with a filtration efficiency in full compliance with the NFX 15-211 – Class 2 standard which requests that not more than 1% of the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) of a chemical shall be recirculated into the room up to 50% when the filter shall be changed ! Erlab filtration systems have been tested by independent laboratories such as Intertek and SGS.

Third, No inhalation of chemicals anymore :
Once installed, the VENTICAP 502 removes all the bad smells permanently and when opening the doors of the cabinet, the user doesn’t inhale them anymore!

VENTICAP also filters permanently the lab room air ! Since the ventilation of a VENTICAP 502 is working 24 hours, it takes the air of the room to its filter and clean it, playing the role of an efficient room air cleaner !

When placed on a fire safety cabinet in a lab room where chemical smells are present, they disappear quickly !

Fourth, VENTICAP 502 helps to save large quantities of energy !
Since it’s recirculating the Aircon air of the room into the room, a VENTICAP 502 don’t exhaust it to outside and save it. If a fire safety cabinet is connected to outside, it would consume an estimated RM5,000 of energy per year! VENTICAP consume filters, but with a filter life lasting on average one year, the filter replacement won’t cost more than half of the consumed energy, as a result you will do important cost saving per year for each storage cabinet !!

Fifth, Optional equipment of a VENTICAP include a Saturation Detector for solvents which will alert when the filter shall be changed and a Fan failure alarm to monitor the ventilation and alert in case of ventilation failure.,