Safety features of a type 90 fire rated safety storage cabinet, asecos ( is Europe’s leading manufacturer of type-tested safety storage cabinets and is well known for its trend-setting developments in the field of the storage and handling of hazardous substances. Since its establishment in 1994 the company, which is based in Gründau near Frankfurt Main, has dedicated itself to the development and production of innovative products in this field.

The video presented demonstrates the safety features of an asecos type 90 fire rated safety storage cabinet according to the European standard EN 14470-1.
In the event of a fire the drawers and doors as well as the air ducts close automatically through a thermal release, the gaps are sealed through intumescent seals and the insulation boards prevent a critical temperature increase inside the cabinet.

The asecos cabinet is directly exposed to fire over a time period of 90 minutes.
Despite of this heavy exposure to temperatures exceeding 1000 °C the containers with flammable liquids and hazardous materials stored inside the cabinet remain safe and perfectly intact.

These kinds of cabinets will allow sufficient time for the personnel to leave and the fire fighters to enter the building before it is likely to that the flammables stored turn a possible minor /extinguishable fire into an uncontrollable one.

Furthermore the video makes clear that not all safety storage cabinets offer this protection level and that one has to think about different circumstances when selecting the appropriate product such as location of the company, the surroundings, the evacuation times and the economic impact the company will suffer in case of a fire.,